(Reblogged) Ableism: Discrimination Against Disabled People by The Wheelchair Teen

Originally posted on Happiness Between Tails by da-AL:
The act of writing forces us to contemplate things more deeply, to question what we believe. Bloggers, novelists, all writers lay ourselves bare when we publish. When we communicate our passions, readers are challenged to think — and they challenge us! Thank goodness for the world of blogging,…

‘Hanging Out’ as a Disabled Teen

‘Hanging out’ is slightly different for a disabled teenager. Whether it’s going out to places, sleeping over, or simply chilling in a park – I know that my experience will always be somewhat different from that of my friends. Today, I mostly wanted to focus on the experience of visiting other people’s houses to hang… Continue reading ‘Hanging Out’ as a Disabled Teen

How to Create Disabled Representation in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

It’s time for my first Disabled Representation Tip! This tip is going to be about creating (physical) disabled representation for science-fiction and fantasy worlds. I’m going to do three things: teach you how to make a disabled representation for such a world, tell you some things to watch out for, and then show you some… Continue reading How to Create Disabled Representation in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Introduction to: Disabled Representation Tips & Reviews

Originally, I had planned for this to be a My Nugget of Wisdom for the Week post recommending black, disabled bloggers and YouTubers to do my part in supporting the current movement. However, I was shocked to find how little of them there were out there, or at least how hard they were to find.… Continue reading Introduction to: Disabled Representation Tips & Reviews