Booking Me for Public Speaking

Are you interested in hearing a talk that will forever change the way you think about the Disability community, inclusivity, and embracing Disability diversity?

My name is Simone and I am a passionate and extremely devoted Disability rights activist who is a professional public speaker. I am committed to fighting ableism and social discrimination against people with Disabilities. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone in society to confront their own ableism and educate themselves about Disabilities so that people like me aren’t constantly treated by others with ignorance and disrespect. I therefore give educational talks about Disabilities which I can modify to fit any age audience.

A professional picture of me

My talks also raise awareness of ableism, provide practical advice about how to avoid unintentional ableism, and offer up easy ways to promote diversity and Disability inclusion. Additionally, I share the story of my own journey with Disability and introduce my audience to Disability pride, culture, and history.

I usually give talks at schools and churches but I also perform them anywhere else they’re needed. I’ve performed modified versions for young children, older teenagers, and adults. I find it incredibly important to change my talk to fit the specifications of my audience so that the most relevant parts of my message according to their needs, reach them in a way that they can clearly understand. This means that the talks I perform can also be modified for the needs of specific groups like parents, teachers, and businesses.

A photo of me performing a talk at a church

I began public speaking when I was eighteen to classes of students in various schools around the Netherlands. I travelled to schools such as Elckerlyc International School, SALTO International School I-St@rt, and International School Eindhoven to give talks. At every location I travelled to my talk was incredibly well received and I was asked to return next year to do the same. When I was nineteen I began public speaking at churches too and have spoken at locations such as the IBC youth group centre, Deeper Life Bible Church, and Trinity Church Eindhoven. I now reside in London and can be booked for in-person talks in England or online talks at locations elsewhere.

Because I’m a wheelchair-user, I will only be able to speak in-person at places that are wheelchair-accessible and have wheelchair-accessible toilets. If you would like to contact me further about payment or booking me for a talk, please email me at: