Accessibility vs. Preservation

This is just going to be a short discussion post. Instead of talking a lot, I’d like to leave room for you to join the discussion and express your own opinion in the comments below. The issue of Accessibility vs. Preservation is one that me and my family discuss every time that we go abroad… Continue reading Accessibility vs. Preservation

Inspiration Porn vs. Actual Inspiring People

Inspiration porn is an important term which both disabled and able-bodied people should be aware of because it affects the way able-bodied people view the disabled and sets unrealistic standards for disabled people to reach. The term was originally coined by disability rights activist Stella Young in 2012. She pointed out that most people only… Continue reading Inspiration Porn vs. Actual Inspiring People

‘Disabled’ vs. ‘Physically-Challenged’ and Other Such Terms

Don’t roll your eyes, I know that the issue of how to refer to people with a disability is one that the disabled community is tired of debating. But as well as simply sharing my own opinion on the matter, I thought I’d do something slightly different by also sharing my personal experience with different… Continue reading ‘Disabled’ vs. ‘Physically-Challenged’ and Other Such Terms