Fun Wheelchair Facts and Stories

Since I’ve been busier than usual this week, I decided to write a fun post where I shared fifteen, short interesting wheelchair facts and personal disability stories to put a smile on your face and show you what it’s like to be a disabled teen: . My first wheelchair was pink and had a picture… Continue reading Fun Wheelchair Facts and Stories

Having Patience and Determination with my Disability

What does it take to be a teenager with a progressive disability? The answer is bucket-loads of patience and determination. It can take me much longer to complete ordinary tasks than most other people so I often need patience to see it through and determination to help me do it. If you know me, you… Continue reading Having Patience and Determination with my Disability

Collaboration: Interviewing a Disability Carer/Sibling

Happy November first! At the end of this month, I’ll be celebrating my one-year blogiversary. To mark the occasion, I’m hoping to write a Q&A post on my blog where I answer any and all of your questions for me. So, if you have a question about me, my life, the things that I like,… Continue reading Collaboration: Interviewing a Disability Carer/Sibling